a list of every job i’ve ever had

I thought, while bored of course, to list every job I could remember working.

Bean walker


Auburn Newspapers – Planarian Man comic

Hinky Dinky carryout

Bureau of Business Research student programmer

Selleck front desk

Nightline (volunteer)

Holiday Inn Express – Lincoln front desk

90.3 KRNU music director

Daily Nebraskan cartoonist

Daily Nebraskan reporter

Daily Nebraskan arts reviewer

Daily Nebraskan illustrator

World of Green lawncare

ProCom telemarketing

Holiday Inn – San Diego front desk

UNL broadcasting grad assistant

Daily Nebraskan opinion editor

Daily Nebraskan web editor

Daily Nebraskan photographer

Daily Nebraskan columnist

Holiday Inn Express – Lincoln night auditor

Omaha City Weekly cartoonist

Omaha City Weekly cd reviewer

NU-TV executive producer

25 jobs. yay.

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