my telepathic powers…

this morning, i got up out of bed, got dressed, and decided to just sit back down because i wasn’t quite ready to join the world just yet.

i was thinking about lots of things, wanting to quit my job, dreams i’d had, and so on, when all of a sudden, clear as day, I heard my sister Monica’s voice.


it was like she was right there in the room, and the tone of it was that she needed help.

i reached in my pocket to pull out my cel phone and called her number. it rang four times and then went to voicemail.

i was worried, maybe something was wrong and she couldn’t get to the phone. but then she was beeping through.

“Hello, Monica?” I answered.

“Yeah, you called…” she replied.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked. “I heard your voice in my head, saying my name like you were in trouble…”

“Oh no,” she said, “I was looking for a piece of paper on immunization. I wasn’t thinking about you at all.”

so i’m thinking maybe i need to keep working on my powers.

2 Responses to “my telepathic powers…”

  1. tunde Says:

    i just need to become telepathic

  2. tunde Says:

    i just want to have telepathic abilities

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