more spam subject lines…

i don’t know why these fascinate me so, but here are two more spam subject lines from today that just struck me as fun:

lover 4794 bubbles

starlet 3 toothaches

actually that “starlet 3 toothaches” one was from Benjamin Barber, so out of curiosity, I went ahead and opened it. these emails are brilliant!

Benjamin Barber wrote:

fairy beyond mourn cleavage beyond alchemist, but briar patch around tea party share a shower with around tea party.Still find subtle faults with her from bubble about ballerina, know her looking glass from with traffic light over hand.Georgina, although somewhat soothed by of apartment building and dissident related to.Georgina, the friend of Georgina and earns frequent flier miles with starlet toward.If toward debutante mourn spider for bonbon, then related to graduated cylinder hides.

boatload contrast catbird hamburger innumerable reynolds spit halloween

So then I went back and read Emery Stanford’s e-mail entitled “Lover 4794 bubbles”:

CEO beyond turkey negotiate a prenuptial agreement with graduated cylinder beyond scythe, because tenor near sell to behind gonad.When you see from reactor, it means that dolphin defined by tea party sweeps the floor.For example, toward piroshki indicates that over vacuum cleaner brainwash near trombone.

abrasion rondo barge ethnography

I think this is poetry.

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