i went canoeing today for the first time ever. sara and i were in one boat and sara’s sister kelly and her boyfriend billy were in the other.

we were racing for a while a few miles in, and in the heat of the action, billy broke his paddle, so for the rest of the seven-mile trip we took turns being the boat with one paddle.

there was one part that got kind of rough with some rapids, and sara and i got caught in the current and were driven straight into the bank. then, because we were stopped, the strong water tipped our boat over and threw us out. sara held onto the boat and was dragged along, and i tried to catch our things. we had taken our shoes off, so i grabbed for those and the paddle.

the tough part was that the bottom of the river was made up of sharp rocks at this point, and the current was very strong. so it was really difficult to stand up. we kept getting knocked and pulled down and slammed into the bottom of the river, so it was pretty scary for a while. sara let go of the boat, and kelly and billy stopped it downstream where they were, past the rapids.

we both got pretty banged up from that experience, but at least we learned to keep our shoes on.

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