funny sleep-talking from today

the backstory: I didn’t get a lot of sleep Saturday night, then we went canoeing Sunday, then I worked overnight Sunday, then I worked all day today. So I had gone for quite a while with not much sleep.

I needed to take a little nap, so I asked Sara to wake me up after a half hour so that I didn’t just sleep all evening and then not be able to sleep tonight.

Now as a sidenote, I sometimes talk in my sleep if I am being addressed while I’m in a dream, and my sleep-talking tends to make NO SENSE AT ALL.

The following is a transcript Sara took down when she realized it was going to be entertaining.

Sara gets up from the bed where Neal is taking a nap.

NEAL: What are you doing?

SARA: I’m going to read while you sleep.

NEAL: Why?

SARA: Because I don’t want to sleep.

NEAL: Is it because of my power blankets?

An hour and a half later, Sara realizes she needs to wake Neal.

SARA: Neal, wake up.

NEAL: Why?

SARA: Because it’s 6:20.

NEAL: Are you serious?!

SARA: Yeah, why?

NEAL: You mean to tell me, at the age of – how old am I now?

SARA: 26.

NEAL: You mean to tell me that at the age of 26, you’re accusing me of wrecking into the van?

SARA: What?!?

NEAL: The van is in the garage, and it’s wrecked!

Five minutes later…

NEAL: It’s KCi and JoJo.

Five minutes later…

NEAL: It’s diverting traffic.

Five minutes later…

SARA: Neal, it’s time to get up…you’re scaring me.

NEAL: You’re the micro-fridge.

A few minutes later, Sara shakes Neal.

NEAL: Freedom.

SARA: What?! Wake up!


A few minutes later.

NEAL: What is that, by the river?

SARA: You’re crazy. Wake up. (she sits Neal up in bed)

NEAL: (pauses) This isn’t where I thought we were at all.

SARA: Where did you think we were?

NEAL: By the river.

SARA: What river?

NEAL: I don’t know – the river.

SARA: Seriously, Neal. You need to get up, sleepy.

NEAL: Stop calling me names.

SARA: Neal!

NEAL: You should call me names like Harold…or Gator.

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