at the li-li-library

so i had these three books checked out that were due in January, and i just kept forgetting to take them back.

I received a letter in the mail informing me that my three books were insanely overdue, and that i now owed somewhere in the realm of $280.

that letter came to me in march, and i still hadn’t taken them back.

until today.

fearing that my bill would now be something like $1700, i was hoping that someone i knew would be at the desk, someone like Jake Gillespie perhaps.

but no. i knew no one. and i knew if i didn’t return the books now, i’d put them back in my bag, take them back to my apartment, and forget about them for another 8 months.

so i bit the bullet, walked up to the desk, and said “I have some books to turn in that are a bit overdue…”

the young lady calmly scanned the books, made a nice little symmetrical stack, and said, “Yes, as they were quite a bit overdue, you’ve got a pretty large fine.”

I gulped. She continued.

“Thirty dollars.”

You know, normally I’d consider trying to weasel my way out of a library fine. Or maybe I’d try to figure out the depreciative math involved, but I was just so happy, I’m looking forward to paying that thirty dollars and clearing my record at the Love Library.

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