my right toes smell like blueberries

(from Sept 7)

i know this will seem a little strange, but this weekend, the toes on my right foot smelled like blueberries.

sara first noticed this when, for some reason, she smelled my toes on Saturday and noticed they smelled like blueberries. upon closer sniffing inspection, we discovered that my nail polish (an immediate suspect) just smells like nail polish, and the rest of my foot just smells like foot. her sister Kelly confirmed the blueberry smell.

my left toes smell vaguely of blueberries, but not nearly as strong as my right toes. all weekend, dogs were attracted to my right foot. i have not, to my knowledge, stepped on or kicked any blueberries. and after a shower and a day’s worth of walking around and croquet playing, my right toes still smelled of blueberries.

today, i’ve been wearing my sandals all day, so they smell a little more of stinky feet than they do blueberries, but it’s still there.

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