Thunderbirds are Sunday!

If you’re looking for something to do Sunday, the one and only Jeremy Buckley, aka The Guy Who Invented Lincoln Calling, put together a show of bands that come highly recommended.

Thunderbirds are Now!, a band out of Detroit, Michigan, will be playing at the 9th Street Basement with Lincoln bands Thunderstandable and Eagle*Seagull.

From their website, “Thunderbirds are Now! deliver catchy, smart, melodic, fast, direct and danceable rock with a nod to late ’70s and early ’80s post-punk. Keyboards are used not as a novelty, but as a necessity, functioning as an instrument that provides everything from atmosphere to a song’s main melody. Guitars are wiry and manic but still direct and not afraid of the occasional delayed part or barre chord. The bass rides an undercurrent, but also jumps out of the foray, delivering alternate melodies and power. Drums are never overcomplicated or flashy, but are instead used to generate a rhythmic pulse that carries throughout the song. Vocals dart in and out of the mix, sung with a sassy intensity. In other words, they f—ing rule.”

I’ve only heard their new album, which we have at KRNU, and it was pretty good (you can listen to a song from it here. But Jeremy’s taste can be trusted, so if you’re looking for a good show with low expense, check it out.

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  1. Jenelle Says:

    We deifnlitey need more smart people like you around.

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