Leflerpalooza was amazing

I really doubt any Lefler 6th through 8th graders will ever read this, but they put on a great show today.

The “Lefler in Action” club put on Leflerpalooza, which, as I posted earlier, was a way to show off what the after school clubs have been up to this quarter.

I was really proud of the D.A.V.E. (our film club, renamed “The Department of Audio and Video Entertainment”) club, and we had six of our best movies played for the audience. CJ’s story of two high schoolers going into the military, Carlos’s parody of the crocodile hunter, Wanufi’s spies at Lefler, Francesca’s spies elsewhere, Maggie’s more emotional music video (for lack of a better term), and Sara’s comedic how-to, which was a big hit with the crowd.

There were some other movies that didn’t get finished in time for the show, but they’ll hopefully be done in time to include them on our D.A.V.E. DVD. I’m going to try to put all the movies online here, or at very least, excerpts from them.

What I saw of all the clubs was impressive, and as proud as I was of my D.A.V.E. peeps, the School of Rock club blew me away. Two different groups played, with the first playing a Blink 182 song and the second playing two Green Day songs. These guys learned all of this over nine weeks, and I was amazed.

I think some of us were a little worried that Leflerpalooza wouldn’t quite go off as we’d imagined. I think if anything, it went way better. Sitting in the crowd today, I really felt like I was seeing something special. Like one day, I’m going to be able to say “I remember seeing their stuff back when they were just in middle school!”

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  1. Mr. Wilson Says:

    Definitely put those videos online if you have the chance. I know I’d love to see them, and I’m sure plenty of others would as well.

    If you run into bandwidth concerns, I’d be happy to host some of the files. Drop me a note at mrwilson * lincolnite_com if you need help with the file hosting.

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