That went well, I think

Well I was just a call-in guest on John Baylor’s show on KFOR in response to this cartoon. I was teased as “throwing a flamethrower bomb” in yesterday’s cartoon with “a blatant attack on the Republican party.” With that kind of an intro, I thought I was in for a tough time on the air.

But I thought it went really well. Mr. Baylor essentially wanted to know what I meant, and he gave me plenty of time to explain myself. I brought up the recent news with Sen Mike Foley, Right to Life’s contradictory logic on their Heineman endorsement and Tom Swartley as examples of people invoking the name of the Lord and the work of God who behave dishonestly. He asked me good questions forcing me to better explain myself, and other than talking about a mile a minute, I think I did okay. I can’t think of anything I regret saying.

He also asked which cartoon has gotten the most response, either positive or negative, and I mentioned that Paul McCartney cartoon from October, which has blown away every other cartoon in terms of response. He also brought up the infamous Danny Nee cartoon from early 2000, so he knows his stuff. 🙂

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  1. hideNUseek Says:

    you consider the ’00 Nee cartoon infamous?!?! I thought it was outstanding, an all-time favorite! It was taped to my dorm room door for nearly all of my spring semester freshman year. Well done!

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