I am having a great day

I woke up early this morning, about 8, which is way earlier than my usual Wednesday waking time of 10:30. I listened to the Rick Emerson show, a great talk radio show from Portland, Oregon, that is now podcast at rickemerson.com and available on iTunes.

My editor is running the show at the paper this week, so I had to have my sketches in by 11 rather than the usual time around 1 (hence the earlier waking time). So instead of having cartoon lunch at McDonald’s, I had cartoon breakfast. And it was wonderful.

I got the big huge breakfast, which has a proper name I don’t recall, but it’s the one that has pancakes and scrambled eggs and sausage and a biscuit and hash browns. Then, not only was I able to conjure up the required three cartoon ideas, but my fertile brain hatched FIVE ideas.

Then instead of going home and scanning my sketches to e-mail to my editor and then await his response, I just swung by the paper and he picked one on the spot. So by 11:15, I was home with an idea approved.

With all this extra time, I thought, heck, why not draw a picture of a vampire cowboy that my friend Walker requested. So I did!

I got the cartoon done by like 12:30, so then I called my dad because it’s his birthday. Then I went to the comic store and got this week’s haul. Then I went to McDonald’s for lunch, and it was GREAT.

Now I’m at school, where today is the first day of the last quarter of Advanced D.A.V.E. Maggie, to my left, is editing her documentary about the day last quarter when we just dropped everything and walked to the gas station to get junk food.

She is also narrating everything I type as I type it. Hi I’m Maggie and I eat poop.

Then tonight, I get to find out who gets kicked off American Idol, and even if it’s Lisa, I won’t be devastated. I hope it’s Chris or Ace or Bucky or Paris.

And there’s a new episode of Lost!

Great day.

The end. Now go back to B23, Maggie.

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