The JonBenet thing

Usually when I make a comment about the cartoonists on the cartoonists syndicate it’s to make some point about how the cartoonists are creating work that lacks any sort of insight, debatable point, or relevance.

Today is no different, but there’s an added bit of bite to the usual criticism of these smug thugs. If you check out the compilation of cartoons on the JonBenet Ramsey killing and John Mark Karr confession, you may note a handful of cartoons with a similar message:

Now that the “real” killer has stood up, the media’s unfair treatment of the Ramsey family is in full view.

The obvious irony here is that, in their haste to chastise those nasty reporters who’ve picked the Ramsey bones dry (I’m borrowing from several of their visual metaphors), they similarly rush in their conviction of a man who quite clearly was not the killer.

Way to go, guys.

In fairness, if you look through those seven pages of cartoons, there are two that actually attempt to make a point beyond the obvious rah-rah “The media sure is nasty!” point that everyone’s going to agree with. One was especially bold to the point where I’m surprised a paper ran it.

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