Cleaning out the closet

In my neverending battle with Cingular’s coverage area, I’ve had to send in another phone in the hopes that the new one will do a better job of picking up the cellular signal.

I e-mailed myself the photos from the phone so they wouldn’t be lost forever (other than in the secret file folders of returned-phone warehouse workers), and now, for your enjoyment, here is a selection of PHOTOS FROM MY RETURNED LG WHATEVER.

1. The In-N-Out in Reading along I-5

From my two-week documentary jaunt in June, this was my first In-N-Out since my birthday of March of 2005 in San Diego. I had intended to eat there at lunchtime, but I was too slow getting down from Eugene, so I had to eat there for an early dinner. I then proceeded to eat at nothing but In-N-Out for the next five meals.

2. The last In-N-Out meal

This was my last taste of In-N-Out, less than 48 hours later. I had an early lunch driving through the easternmost In-N-Out on I-80 in Sparks, Nevada. Since it was my last meal there, I went for the 4×4. Here it is resting in my passenger seat as I got back onto I-80.

I didn’t want to eat a sandwich while getting on the interstate, as apparently that would disrupt my ability to drive safely. Meanwhile, I guess taking photos wasn’t a problem.

3. Times Square

Sara and I went to New York in July. I took this to send to my mom.

4. A church

I forget the name of this church, but it’s on 5th Avenue on about 50th street. Sara and I went to mass there the next morning, but this was on a walk around the neighborhood.

5. Sara caught the bouquet

From our friends Ryan and Amy’s wedding a few weeks ago.

6. Andrew vs Matt

After a post-bars croquet game in the greenspace north of the Union, friends Andrew and Matt decided to take their shirts off and fight.

I got quite a few more photos from the fight, but they’re not pretty.

7. Melany’s Halloween costume

This is my niece, Melany, in her Halloween costume from last fall.

Melany’s deliberate stomp reminded us of a penguin’s waddle, and thankfully, she wanted to fulfill the comparison by dressing as a penguin for Halloween.

8. Melany washing her hands

I taught Melany how to build up a lather with handsoap. She was absolutely thrilled by this discovery.

9. Melany and Miqaela with Sara

I’m not sure when this is from.

10. Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis

This is from the hotel I stayed at in Indianapolis, which was the converted train station downtown.

11. A tour of my old apartment

I moved out of Spaghetti Works last fall, and before closing the door one last time, I took a series of photos with the intention of assembling a panoramic view. That never happened.

and the little tiny bathroom

12. A funny sign I saw … somewhere

I can’t remember now where I was, but this was in a mens room.

In case that came out too light, it used to say “Wash hands after using the toilet,” but someone scratched out “using” so it says “Wash hands using the toilet.”

and finally

13. The Prids at The Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR

This was the first night in their opening slot for Built to Spill back in June.

2 Responses to “Cleaning out the closet”

  1. Gunscribe Says:

    Dammitt Neal,

    I haven’t had an In n Out since June of 04.

    Gee just when the cravings were begining to be managable you up and get me jonesing for a fix.

    I may have to head out west just to satisfy the urge. It won’t be the first time I took a trip for an In n Out burger.


  2. neal Says:

    Are you serious?

    I have long contemplated a trip to Las Vegas for the weekend just to eat In-N-Out.

    You’ve got to check out this post:

    Did you hear that the co-founder passed away, now leaving the kids with more power – kids who want to take In-N-Out national?

    On one hand that would be nice, but they would be compromising all the restraints that make In-N-Out so amazing.

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