Mad Pakyderms

I realize that if it’s clever blog titles you come here for, you probably find yourself regularly disappointed.

But anyway, the artists known as Mad Pakyderms had a show at the Meadowlark Cafe down at 16th and South (1624 South Street to be exact) Friday night. I just wanted to show off this beautiful print I picked up and plug the show. I’m pretty sure the work will be on display throughout the month.

This poster caught my eye as soon as I walked in. I loved it even more when I realized it was a show I’d actually been to.

This photo is a little unflattering, because the camera flash makes it look like the ink wasn’t printed very well and the perspective kind of warps it, but it’s an awesome image and I can’t wait to get it in a frame and hang it properly.

Concert posters really seem to have become a respected art form. I’m kind of late figuring that out, cos I’m not really that into it in general, but the stuff at this show is totally worth checking out.

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