24 Hour Comics

Lincoln will have its own 24 Hour Comics Day at the Hi-Way Diner at 2105 Highway 2.

Check out 24hourcomicslincoln.com for more information on our gig and check out 24hourcomics.com for more on the challenge itself (and if you’re not in Lincoln, maybe a venue where you are).

UPDATE: Gunscribe has some photos and a write-up on his blog, From the Heartland, from his visit the other night.

Aaron, John, Andrew, Marcus and Justin all finished their comics by about 6:30 a.m. I ended up pooping out after losing my momentum and finished the night at 18 pages. I’ll get it finished probably sometime this week (known as the Eastman Variation, taking more than 24 hours to finish) and try to get everyone’s stuff posted to the 24 Hour Comics Lincoln site.

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