Do you read this blog?

Hopefully the answer to that is yes, because I just don’t want to wrap my mind around how you could read that question and answer no, but I was just wondering if anyone reads this blog. I don’t mean this from any kind of self-pitiful perspective, because I know I don’t actually update it all that often. I’m just curious. Most of the comments I get are from spammers, and I’m not sure they’re actually taking the time to read the blog. Call it a hunch.

So what I’m asking of you is, if you ever stop by to read this blog, please leave me a comment on this post. You don’t need to identify yourself or make an actual comment, but maybe just say “Hello” or “I occasionally visit” for the purposes of my unofficial census.

8 Responses to “Do you read this blog?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks to the Lincolnite blogroll, you are in my RSS feeds. When you post, I see it seconds later. I’m a fairly Lincoln resident (a couple of years) so I appreciate the perspective you bring to my new environs.

    So – “I’m out here!”

  2. Chris Says:

    “fairly NEW”, I meant to say…

  3. q Says:

    my rss reader tells me every time you updates, and i read the posts with regularity.

  4. Eliot Says:

    Fucking Google owning all; that last comment was me.

  5. jared Says:


  6. Mr. Wilson Says:

    Consider me censusized.

  7. Honest Mike Says:

    Hey, Neal…I recently moved from Lincoln to Kansas City, and when I get homesick for Lincoln, I check out your blog,, Star City Scene, etc. just to see what’s going on back in Husker Land.

    And I miss KRNU very much.

  8. Doom Delouise Says:

    Not regularly. Maybe once a month, when you’ve posted plenty to read in one sitting.

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