I’m supposed to be editing right now so instead I ended up looking on YouTube for clips of The KLF (one of my favorite groups of all time).

Here is the video for “What Time is Love,” the White Room version. They’ve done so many different versions of this song I lose count, but this is the UK version of the video.

The videos off the White Room were all very similar. Here are “3 A.M. Eternal,” probably the biggest hit in the US, followed by “Justified and Ancient,” the song that featured Tammy Wynette on vocals.

This is the video for “America, What Time is Love?” yet another version of the aforementioned song.

Here’s a news clip on the Acid Brass project, in which a brass band performed covers of acid house classics. The KLF’s “What Time is Love” is featured in this piece.

Inspired by Acid Brass to create yet another revision of their classic “What Time is Love,” the KLF reformed in 1997 as 2K to release “***K the Millennium,” which includes my favorite church hymn as well as samples from “Theme from Shaft” and “Don’t Take Five.”


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