My In-N-Out Challenge

Sara and I are going to Las Vegas this week. We get there Monday evening and leave Wednesday afternoon.

My goal is to eat at In-N-Out 10 times. I will count one “time” as the ordering and consumption of at least one double double. Most “times” will probably consist of a double double, fries and a Diet Coke with no ice, however, if I can only handle a double double and a drink, I’ll still count that as a “time.”

Sitting down to eat, finishing my food, and then walking outside and coming back in to get a drink will not count as a “time” unless I order and consume another double double upon returning.

Eating a 4×4 will not count as two “times.”

My previous best at the over-consumption of In-N-Out was on March 12, 2005 when I ate there three times in one day. This will be a much greater task.

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  1. Mr. T Says:

    …and a diet coke? LOL

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