origin of a drawing

I happened to scan this drawing at different stages because I was considering keeping it in the rough pencil sketch stage, so I thought I’d share the progression of this particular piece. It’s an illustration of wrestler Mick Foley for a Pro Wrestling Torch review of his latest book.

Here are the original pencils, which were deliberately rough because I thought about just cranking up the contrast and leaving it at that. It would kind of fit Foley’s personality.

Once I had that scanned, I went back and inked it to tighten up the lines and also do a little work to make it look a little more like him.

I liked how that looked, but then I went ahead and did an ink wash, and here’s how that turned out.

For any subscribers to the Torch, this should appear in newsletter #963.

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  1. Brandon Says:

    Nice work Neal – any chance I could get a digital copy of this? 🙂

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