Download the Residential Goosing Christmas album!

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“Six Geese A’Laying” was the Residential Goosing Christmas album, recorded in late 1999 in the underground rehearsal spaces in the Haymarket that no longer exist.

At the time, my fellow former-Goose Mike Fass and I were in King Jellyfish, so we already had all of our equipment in one location that would allow for the band to re-unite (we’d been broken up since 1996) for this Christmas album.

Unfortunately, a big winter storm hit and nobody wanted to be out on the roads. Mike and I were just figuring it would be doomed, since one of our fellow Geese could make it, when we had a change of heart and thought “No – we will not let a winter storm ruin Christmas.” So we did it ourselves.

With only two people to play all the instruments, and without the fancy digital 8-track that one of our bandmates was going to bring down from Omaha, we had only my old Tascam analog 4-track (which only allowed two tracks to be recorded at a time). That meant that we’d record one track at a time, typically with both of us recording live to that same track. We recorded four tracks of music, bounced that down to two tracks to keep it in stereo, and then used the remaining two tracks for vocals.

Neither of us considered ourselves to be much for singers, so being able to do two tracks of vocals piled on top of each other allowed us to kind of mask our bad singing under more bad singing, but it also put four voices on the tape, which kind of made up for our missing bandmates.

It’s only December 1, but remember – it’s a YouSendIt download, so it’s only available for one week or the first 100 downloads!

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