Very flattering

A used copy of I’m All Boy And That’s a Fact is now selling for almost $60 on!

Meanwhile, even though we have left Wells Fargo (we had a card-cutting ceremony last week) and are very happy with our new bank, most of the hits to this site come from people searching for other complaints about Wells Fargo. Another poor soul recently commented about his problems with the bank on this post.

Just to warn you guys — when you go in to a branch to have them fix your problems, their bankers tend to ignore what you’re there for so they can try to sell you on a new savings account or try to refinance your home. It would be nice if someone told them during training that I would be much more inclined to want to stay with the bank and potentially purchase more products if they actually listened to what they were doing to drive me away in the first place. I flat-out told this to the banker who closed our accounts, and he still tried to get us to refinance our home.

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