Comic update

Well, I’m 3 pages in. I got the first page done fairly quickly, as much as an experiment in how I was going to do it as anything else. But then that paralyzing perfectionism set in, and my questions over how to do page 3 kept me from finishing page 2. Knowing that I couldn’t keep fine-tuning all of page 2’s panels, I sat down and inked 2 and penciled and inked 3 in one sitting.

I’m getting the process of coloring down pretty well by this point. I colored page 3 much more quickly than I did page 2 — part of which was the complexity of page 2, but I’m getting comfortable enough with the process that getting past the fumbling around stage helps a lot too. It’s now almost noon, and I’m going to try to get 3 more pages done today.

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