Vacation books

I always spend way too much time picking out what books I’m going to take on vacation and inevitably bring some I won’t open. But here’s what I’m bringing to keep me company for the next 9 days:

The Illuminatis Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson – I’ve been meaning to reread this. It’s been 11 years.

In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien – I also read this in 1998, but unlike with the previous book, whoever I loaned it to never returned it. I just found a copy in the $1 bin at Border’s last week.

Both of those books blew my 20-year-old mind, so I’m excited to see how they affect me now.

45 by Bill Drummond – I can’t reread this enough. Great for when you’ll be reading in small doses.

Astro Boy vol 1 & 2 – I’ve been reading Pluto and the Astro Boy movie adaptation, so I thought I’d check out the original source material.

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