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the davey awards

After Effects

The DAVEY Awards were the year-end awards for the Lefler Middle School film and animation clubs. I animated openings for each of the ten categories.

This compilation includes most of the nominee introductions with announcements by Jeff Sheldon.

By request, here are the songs used in the intros:
Best music video: Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles
Best performance: Filmstar by Suede
Best story: The Neverending Story by Limahl
Best animation: Obsession by Animotion
Best action / adventure: Fight Test by The Flaming Lips
Best drama: Deeper Shade of Soul by Urban Dance Squad
Best editing / special effects: Close to the Edit by Art of Noise
Best comedy: Something for the Weekend by The Divine Comedy
Best film: To the End by Blur

crying eagle & crying indian

writer / director / animator
produced for broadcast in Flash

Crying Eagle & Crying Indian is the story of mismatched roommates – Crying Eagle, who sheds tears of pride for God and country, and Crying Indian, who sheds tears of sorrow for the downtrodden and underprivileged.

Crying Eagle & Crying Indian was produced for HYP TV, the New York-based television branch of

…beautiful robot promo

writer / director / animator
After Effects

A very short film I made about people’s reluctance to acknowledge their fellow elevator riders, using a Lightwave model of Soundwave from The Transformers composited into video. I didn’t build the Soundwave model, but I can’t find the site where I found it in order to give proper credit.

This was later adapted to a 30 second promo for You are So Beautiful, Beautiful Robot (see the radio page).

Starring Gina Luedtke as the woman in the elevator.

nu-tv promo

writer / director / animator
After Effects
1st Place Animation – 2004 UNL Student Film Festival

My friend Scott Eastman used to make big cardboard robot costumes, so I thought I’d use those somehow. I videotaped another friend in one of the robot suits, walking in place, and then I composited that video into still images of the Lincoln skyline in After Effects.

This video was then adapted as a promo for NU-TV, a television show I produced for the College of Journalism.

Starring Quentin Loeninghoener as The Robot.

nu-tv intro

writer / director / animator
After Effects

NU-TV was a showcase of student talents and projects, so I tried to tap into that by literally constructing a theater in 3D using 2D notebook paper and sketched characters and settings.

planarian man

“Attack of the Geezers”
writer / director / animator
1st Place Narrative Animation – 2003 UNL Student Film Festival

A four-part Flash animation series starring Planarian Man and The Masked Planarian at