Video – TV


writer / director / executive producer
weekly 30 minute show

I co-created NU-TV with UNL Broadcasting professor Trina Creighton. It was designed to showcase creative production of broadcasting students while also showing features on other interesting things happening around campus.

The show was discontinued after the spring semester in 2004, but has since been replaced by an actual broadcasting course, which produces “Fast Forward” in its place.

Here is a sample segment that I produced for the show, in which we took the NU-TV crew to Fridays at Callahan’s, a free event co-sponsored by the UNL Athletic Department and the Residence Hall Association:

el santo

co-writer / director / editor
weekly segment of NU-TV

written and created with Josh Harrison, “El Santo” was the story of a perhaps-delusional man adopting the life of El Santo, the Mexican wrestler / monster fighter of 1950s b-movie fame (we know that’s not the actual mask of El Santo – he is a man deluding himself into believing he is Santo – he is not supposed to be the real Santo. Please do not write to flame me because that is not actually Santo’s mask).

While the series was designed to be a type of Don Quixote with luchadors and zombies, the cancellation of NU-TV meant that El Santo’s fate would remain unknown…

Now, through the power of YouTube, you can watch the three existing chapters of El Santo!

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: