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the drinks of lincoln

The Drinks of Lincoln was a Daily Nebraskan series in which a panel of reviewers and I reviewed the original drinks of Lincoln’s downtown bars.

  • Lincolnites assess the drinks of downtown (Iguana’s)
  • Taste testing Elk Creek water at Sandy’s
  • Duffy’s Fishbowl feeds the frenzied crowd
  • Cliff’s Kamikazes put the alcohol back into Lincoln drinks
  • The Daily Nebraskan downtown drink testing comes to a close
  • Bonus!

  • Letter to the Editor
  • Response to that letter by Erica Rogers
  • judging books by their covers

    “This is good stuff. I mean, it’s absolutely worthless, but it’s also absolutely hilarious. Kudos to the DN for doing something so unabashedly idiotic.”
    -Luke Harrington, by way of DN feedback

    Judging Books by their Covers was a series in which I literally reviewed books based exclusively on their covers. I am forever in debt to Melanie Mensch, my editor at the time, for allowing me to do something this absurd in the pages of the Daily Nebraskan.

  • Who says you can’t judge a book by its cover? Sep 30, 2002
  • Books aren’t always what they seem Nov 1, 2002
  • Books to curl up with on a snowy day Apr 7, 2003
  • Covers’ underlying message irritate book reviewer Mar 29, 2004
  • the bearded odyssey

    The Bearded Odyssey was a journey and Daily Nebraskan series in which I traveled around the United States in an attempt to have adventures and grow a beard. Much thanks to Derek Lippincott for actually paying me to do this.

  • Time to heed the call of nature, toss the Schick (June 8, 2003) – the intro
  • Wrong turn yields supernatural results (June 15, 2003) – part 1 / Colorado
  • A friendy chat with a self-proclaimed archangel (June 22, 2003) – part 2 / San Diego
  • Roadtrip in life tells of interesting people, places (July 6, 2003) – part 3 / Hollywood
  • The Bearded Traveler’s lessons from Oregon (Jul 13, 2003) – part 4 / Oregon
  • Travels leave adventurer beardless, wiser (Jul 20, 2003) – part 5 / Arkansas
  • Destination: An alternate reality Tennessee (July 27, 2003) – part 6 / the Southeast
  • Conference yields stories, evidence of aliens, bigfoot (Aug 3, 2003) – part 7 / Tennessee
  • Odyssey ends, stories live on (Aug 10, 2003) – part 8 / Nashville / the conclusion.