my farewell to water polo

Today, my friends, was a magical day in my college career.

Erin Hilsabeck informed me that her aerobics class, taught by Julia no-longer-Pagano, would be playing water polo on Friday. Julia apparently said I could come, but Julia is a jolly, joking-around type, so I wasn’t sure. I emailed Ms. Julia and asked if she wanted a celebrity water polo player, and she told me when to show up. There’s only one guy in the class, so I would help even it out.

It was a beautiful game. Our team got beaten, but it was tons of fun. There was fighting and whatnot, but everyone was laughing and having fun while doing it. There was one girl who was complaining all the time and taking it too seriously, but no one let her get them down.

And I was a total stranger to the class (except for Erin and Julia) but they weren’t weird to me or anything.

And in the final seconds of the game, what will probably be my final water polo game, off a pass from Erin, i scored the final goal.

That goal goes out to Derek, Diehl, Josh and Erin.

Take aerobic swimming. It is the greatest class ever.

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