Take it like a man

Every once in a while, a song comes along that totally defines its era on KRNU. Based on a combination of what the DJs like, what the listeners request, and just the dumb luck of what comes up in the rotation and where the song falls in the tracklisting, a song ends up representing its 3 or 4 month space in time in KRNU history.

“Second Story Man” by Heaven is a Hotel is just such a song. Their 4-song EP was added to the KRNU rotation in early 2005. Thanks to a scarcity of DJs at that time, we had to rely on a lot more automation than usual. In the case of really new music, that means the new songs are going to get played more regularly, because DJs tend to stick with what’s familiar when they’re choosing the music they’re playing.

The good people in Heaven is a Hotel have made two tracks from the EP available on their site, heavenisahotel.com, but to speed up your love of this band, here is a link to the song that inspired this post:

Heaven is a Hotel – Second Story Man.mp3

“Tell Me What You Want” by Human Television is another song that represents the same KRNU period in my mind, and while I don’t have a link for an mp3, MTV.com has a video for the song here (which is sadly PC-only).

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