Woo hah

Well, I can barely walk. My left ankle is killing me, and my right knee is sore. I have a massive headache, and my legs are hurting so bad I couldn’t fall asleep to even take a nap.

But this morning, I ran my first ever half-marathon, and I had so much fun.

I was ridiculously under-prepared; I’d gone running about 5 times over the past 3 weeks in preparation, never exceeding 6.5 miles (only exceeding 4 miles 3 of those times). I had never run that far in my life – the furthest I’d ever run was 8 miles back in high school.

But there are so many people there, you just get swept up, and running the whole way wasn’t too bad. It was only about mile 12 that I started to get worn out and even think about the possibility of walking, when a random stranger in the running crowd started talking to me. I kept talking to her, and by the time we had to part ways (she was running the full marathon) it was almost the end of the race.

The crowd is awesome. There are people out on the streets the whole way. I was having a blast, high-fiving all these kids who were super excited to cheer on four thousand strangers.

Just so much fun, and easily worth the agony of this afternoon.

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