Great finds at Homer’s today

I swung by Homer’s in the Old Market to see if they had any Soup Dragons albums. They didn’t, but I stopped to browse through the super-discounted $1.99 section, where I found the following:

  • “Nineteeneighties” by Grant Lee Phillips – covers of great 80s songs (The Killing Moon, So. Central Rain, Boys Don’t Cry, Last Night I Dreamt…, etc) by the former Grant Lee Buffalo frontman.
  • “Why Try Harder?” by Fatboy Slim – his greatest hits.
  • “Union Street” by Erasure – acoustic reworkings of some of their songs.
  • “Sound Advice” by Shapeshifters – I had considered plopping down $30 for the import of this album and here it was for $1.99! Definitely my favorite dance group of the past few years.
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