Legion of Doom

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but cheeksofgod.com is also home to The Legion of Doom comic blog, where six contributors (four of them regular) review comics and opine on the industry. The blog was started more than a year ago, but it really only hit its stride in the past six months or so. Not to say it wasn’t a good read before, but everyone has been contributing so much content lately that it’s probably averaging 2-3 new posts a day and racking up around 170 unique visitors per day as well.

Wednesdays are new comic book days, and so each Wednesday includes a review of the weekly DC series 52 by contributor Doom Delouise. Thursdays are home to Jean-Claude Van Doom’s Worst to First weekly review. Saturday is when the Book of Doom review is posted. Each week a rotating member of the Legion will choose a new comic (with the selection usually posted Tuesday or Wednesday) and the team reviews it. Mondays are Fin Fang Doom’s Meaningless Awards of the Week and Tuesdays are Jim Doom’s The Doomino Effect.

Scattered throughout that weekly schedule are graphic novel reviews (the Library of Doom), movie reviews (Doom and Doomer) and other commentary on news and trends in comic books. We’ve been getting more attention in the oversaturated comic blog realm, which is hard to do considering pretty much any geek with a comic book and a computer can run a comic blog. And even if you’re not big into comics, it’s usually an entertaining read.

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