A few requests for Nebraska political complainers

1. If you’re going to criticize Bob Kerrey, Chuck Hagel or Scott Kleeb for being “carpetbaggers” or “non-Nebraskans,” please do Jeff Fortenberry the honor of remembering how he spent most of his life in Louisiana before making a pitstop in Lincoln on his way to Washington.

And while I’m on the topic of Chuck Hagel, if you’re going to criticize Hagel for supposedly ignoring the job he was elected to do while only focusing on higher office, please remember that when you’re supporting Jon Bruning, who seems far more interested in publicly criticizing Chuck Hagel in his quest to become Senator than serving as Attorney General.

2. If you’re going to criticize Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi for daring to speak out on the war when they have no history in the military, please listen to the veterans who share their feelings rather than dismissing every veteran who you disagree with as a traitor or an attention hound. You either respect military service when assessing an opinion or you don’t. If you’re just using it as an excuse to dismiss someone you can’t compete with on an intellectual level, be prepared to lie in the bed you’ve made.

3. If you’re a Christian who wants to discriminate against gays, you are NOT suffering the same amount of discrimination from those who would call you bigots. You are not prohibited from marrying the one you love. You are not subject to termination at your job just because of who you are. Nobody is advocating that you lose any rights because they disapprove of your bigotry.

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