The "drive-by" media

Right-wing pundits like to borrow the phrase coined by Rush Limbaugh to describe a media that is much more interested in grabbing the juicy bits and ignoring the details of a story.

Well on Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck’s programs tonight, they brought on guests to discuss the Chris Benoit story, including the fact that Benoit had been injecting his son with HGH. Both O’Reilly and Beck pushed conclusions that Benoit was doing this because his son was undersized and that the mean old meathead wrestler wanted to have a jacked-up 7 year old like dad.

Both hosts chose to either ignore or omit the fact that Daniel Benoit had Fragile X syndrome, which is commonly treated with HGH. And much like a diabetic child’s insulin shots, parents can routinely give these shots without the supervision of a doctor.

There’s plenty to criticize when it comes to this Benoit story and plenty of legitimate scapegoats and fingers to point. But I can’t imagine that folks like O’Reilly and Beck – who love to demonize the evil, liberal media machine for their convenient inaccuracies – are going to apologize to anyone for misleading the public about Benoit and this non-existent size fetish being projected onto his son.

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