Dream from the night of October 27, 2007

I was trying to get in touch with my editor at the paper about payment, but it was just after 5pm on a Friday. Not only that, but he was leaving town for a trip. I went downtown to try to go to the office to see if he was still there, but on the way, I passed by a house where a girl was mowing in the front yard. She recognized me, though I didn’t recognize her, and she told me that my editor was working late and that he would call me.

So I proceeded downtown and went to Jimmy John’s to wait it out. While I was there, I was thinking about how I really wanted to get a bike to save on car expenses. Conveniently enough, Jimmy John’s was also selling horses, and I bought one for $12.20.

While I was in there, a group of high schoolers dressed for prom came in to get sandwiches. All of the girls were wearing dresses of the same color of blue, although the dress styles varied. One of them suggested that the Jimmy John’s staff open a restaurant in South Africa.

It was shortly after this that I decided to leave. My mom was waiting on me to call her back about what I learned from my editor – which was nothing – but I had to get somewhere with good cell phone reception to call her. I got on my new horse and started riding toward my apartment. It was icy out, and the horse was slow to adjust to the skidding, so we bumped into a few cars but made it home safely.

My horse and I got to my apartment and I brought it inside. I explained to my roommates that it wasn’t going to live there, but I needed to find a place to keep it. I got distracted with some discussion about fig newtons versus strawberry newtons, and if I was eating my own or one of my roommates’ newtons, when I realized that my horse had gone missing. It had wandered into one of my roommates’ bedrooms and hidden in the closet. I quickly looked around for it, but I realized that my sudden movements were frightening the horse.

At this point I decided I should read the instructional labels that were attached around the horse’s head. One of them made special note that I should not say anything about “A Brave Knight” or it could upset the horse. I took it out on the balcony to get some fresh air and finally placed the call to my mom that I hadn’t gotten the money from the paper, but I did buy a horse.

She freaked out temporarily until I told her the horse was only $12, and that my main concern now was to find a place to keep it. I wanted to ride the horse out to the north part of town and see if the place where my grandpa used to keep his horses was still open.

Then my friend Andrew came out onto the balcony and was telling us that this horse could easily jump down to the ground. He went on to explain that he had been to some rodeo camp where he learned all kind of horse tricks. He got on the horse, leaped from the balcony, and took it out to the corral next door. Suddenly there were two other guys on horses that I didn’t recognize before, and Andrew started roping them and dragging them to the ground.

I then spent the rest of the dream at some large place with numerous customer service counters trying to sort through the yellow pages to find a place to keep my horse. The people working at the counter refused to acknowledge how their yellow pages books completely lacked any organization whatsoever and it was a nightmare trying to find anything.

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  1. Jason Says:

    Very cool dream. Don’t know if you’ve ever tried them, but in my opinion Nabisco Fig Newtons pale in comparison to Whole Foods brand “Organic Fig Bars” (the ones sold in a white package and about the same size & price as Fig Newtons, not the slightly larger ones sold in the bins – those are awful).

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