Even more on Wells Fargo!

I deposited a check for $450 into my account on Saturday. It cleared on Monday. Then on Tuesday, they put a hold on $350 of that. Then on Wednesday, the hold cleared. Then on Thursday, a check I wrote cleared, leaving $4 in my account this morning. So this afternoon, they decided to put a hold back on the $350 until MAY 29, so my account is now overdrawn by $346.00.

This is why it’s a lot harder than it sounds to just leave Wells Fargo. I need to now go in and make a new deposit to get our balance back above zero. I’d love to just close the account right then, but they’re holding $350 of my money until May 29. I also have automatic deposits going in tomorrow and Tuesday.

Then what’s great is that they charge you $34 for being overdrawn, and then when you complain, they say they’ll remove half of the charges as a courtesy. So they still steal $17 from you.

We’ve been shopping around at different banks, and at least now we know where we want to go when we’re able to make a break.

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