irony does not work on 2 year olds

(a delayed post from Aug 11)

I was just at Runza and this kid, probably 2 years old at the absolute oldest, was knocking over one of those signs they put up after they’ve mopped the floor. His mother, a cranky woman in her mid-20s, kept saying “Oh, thank you for that!” in a tone dripping with enough sarcasm to be effective for the adults in the room. But what she apparently did not realize is that 2 YEAR OLDS DO NOT UNDERSTAND SARCASM.

So her young son, who was probably old enough to understand “Thank you,” thought he was being thanked for knocking down the sign. So he kept doing it, and she kept sarcastically thanking him. With a mind like that, I’m actually a little surprised that she understands sarcasm, lowest form of humor or not.

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