Web hosting

I’ve been a big cheerleader for Delta Web Hosting, the folks I use for this site and nealo.com, because they are ridiculously inexpensive for what you get. However, I’ve recently been extremely disappointed by their service. I’ve had databases go down and it takes about 8 hours to get a response from their “24/7 support” staff. Not to mention that the problem keeps repeating itself. The forums and the comic blog on this site have been down for almost a full day now and I still don’t have a response.

When the two most popular portions of the site are useless, that kind of defeats the purpose of having the site to begin with.

So I’m looking for anybody out there who’s had a good experience with a hosting company. The thing with Delta is that they’re *so* cheap…$3/month for 50GB bandwidth, 500MB disk space, unlimited email addresses and subdomains…I’ve never come close to using up my bandwidth or disk space. On one hand, it’s hard to be picky with prices like that. But on the other hand, I pay that price so that a site is operational.

If anyone has any advice / recommendations, please email me or post it as a comment. Thanks.

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