The light

Stuff is finally coming together, and soon I will be a master of broadcasting.

When people ask why I haven’t graduated, I usually say that I just need to finish my thesis. That’s pretty much true, but not entirely. I have several other unfinished projects on the side that need to be wrapped up and approved before I graduate, but I’ve kind of operated with the attitude that nothing’s happening till I finish the thesis, so I might as well just use this extra time to polish everything extra pretty.

Of course that’s not how it always works. Sometimes it’s just an excuse to procrastinate. But now, finally, things are really getting done to the point where it all seems so very doable. The May graduation is going to be tough, but it’s possible.

I just bought a new hard drive tonight, which was a big hurdle. I bought a hard drive last summer to begin the editing process, but it filled quickly. So now I have a second, and the beauty of this one is that it’s portable. More expensive per gig, but built to be carried around and without the need for its own power source.

The KRNU NexGen manual is almost complete; the long-unfinished Planarian Man Flash cartoon merely awaits finishing touches; The Bad Seed just has a few small scenes (that I’m actually attempting to write out of the movie) left to shoot and then it’s all post-production After Effects work; the Wham! script is coming together nicely; and all of the primary travel/research work is done on the documentary. I’m in the middle of transferring all the DV tapes to VHS for logging, and it’s going to be fun once that’s done (that wasn’t sarcasm).

There was just so much work to be done before getting to this point, that it was one of those things where it just seems like you’re working and working and not getting anywhere. But now everything finally seems doable; everything seems like I’m on that downhill slope. That’s nice.

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