This week’s American Idol

I am so sick of how unfair Randy and Paula are to Katharine.

They constantly rip her for attempting to sound like the greats, or whatever. First off, I’m always amazed at how confidently original she sounds. The night she got harassed for sounding like Whitney Houston, I had to ask Sara who sang that song because I thought she sounded so Katharine.

Then Taylor comes out sounding JUST FREAKING LIKE a watered down Bruce Springsteen. Paula and Randy pick songs for Eliot and Taylor based upon who they sound like, and they don’t care. They just keep kissing their asses.

Katharine is so far beyond everyone else. Taylor and Eliot sound like good amateurs. They make this competition seem like the best amateur in the world. Katharine seems like a pro. I wonder if Paula and Randy are so critical of her because she’s so far beyond their never-was / has-been / wanna-be selves.

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