UPDATE on I-80 post

Having just driven back from Omaha on I-80, I wanted to share this visual example to follow up on my previous post about interstate traffic in Nebraska.

Here you can clearly see that all three lanes are full of cars. You may note the semi in the right lane, which could lead to the assumption that the semi was moving slowly up this hill, so people felt the need to pass him.

No. I took this photo with my phone (which is the reason for the poor quality) after spending four minutes blocked behind these three cars, driving somewhere between 55 and 60 the whole time. Three lanes. 15 to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit.

The semi was actually the one driving the fastest, believe it or not, over in THE RIGHT LANE. He eventually got over and then merged left so that faster traffic could pass in the right lane.

Apparently there are a bunch of expatriate brits driving I-80 in Nebraska.

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