Nebraska mobile celebrity sighting and almost collision!

Ron Hull is a legend in public television, here in Nebraska and especially worldwide. He’s been involved with public television since 1955 and has been a high-ranking official in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

I had him as a lecturer in International Broadcasting back in 1999. It was a great class, and thanks to that class I was introduced to The Singing Detective, a great BBC series. I’m sure he wouldn’t remember me now – he had enough trouble remembering me when I was in his class – but he was a cool guy with tons of cool stories.

I was driving along L street the other day, going west through downtown, when a little red convertible pulled out in front of me from the parking area in front of that Vietnamese place at 13th and L. At first I thought “That white-haired jerk didn’t even look and I almost turned that car into a tricycle!” but then, as we both turned south onto 13th and I got a better look, I realized “That’s Ron Hull!”

I do believe, after all my years in Lincoln, this was my first Nebraska Mobile Celebrity sighting. (That photo was lifted from when Hull received the first “Spirit of Mari Sandoz” award. It is not Hull demonstrating how close he was to hitting my car.)

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