Working on the cover of issue #2

All of the pages of Weird Thrills #2 are finished, so I’m now working on the cover. It’s basically a blown-up version of one of the panels in the book, which the publisher and I agreed was a pretty good representation of the issue. So I worked from that initial panel, added some other elements from the issue in the background, and then started working on the “painting” of it today (I put painting in quotes because I’m using Photoshop).

I’m taking a break from it right now, probably for the rest of the night, but I thought it had kind of a cool eerie look at this point (obviously heightened by the fact that the kid currently has no eyes). I’m using a different technique than I normally do, just kind of experimenting with the process, and I kind of like how it’s coming along.


Hobby, the writer-editor-publisher, has been posting some pages from the issue over at the Powerpop Comics blog.

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