So very, very close

All the editing is done on The Bad Seed. Right now, I’m waiting for a few test clips to render so I can put them on tape and watch them on an actual TV to check on some color correction and other image adjustments.

In the fall of 2003 I pitched this project to Sharon Teo as an independent study. I wrote the script about a month later and cast Joe and Lee. After meeting several times with Joe, Lee and Scott, we started actual production more than a year later in October of 2004. Here’s a blog post I wrote about what was “a milestone in production” back in January 2005. Two years and a month later and I’m finally finishing the thing. It’s funny – in that post I wrote “The Bad Seed will probably be just shy of two years when it is completed.”

Thanks to everybody who has helped – assembling the credits has shown me just how many people are involved in making a no-budget student film.

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